What we can do for you includes:

  • Creation of your own special design
    Interpreting your ideas or a photo to create that special item you will want to wear time and time again
  • Re-modelling of old jewellery
    Taking old jewellery, that single earring those out-dated pieces and smelting them down to start again with the raw metal to create a new and exciting modern or classical item.
  • A payment plan
    Make your dreams come true by making a deposit and then several payments so you can have that piece you have longed for but is out of reach of your budget.
  • Advice on quality of jewellery
    To know whether to remodel or repair an item comes from years of experience working in jewellery   Pieces inherited from older members of the family will have special meaning but their age may require some repair work.  It is helpful to know whether these pieces are of the quality that is worth investing money in their upkeep.
  • Jewellery commissions
    My work is through word of mouth so I am particular about blending your lifestyle and dreams to create exactly the ideas you had.  Confirming this by a technical drawing when necessary so we are both in agreement.
  • Assessment of your gemstones
    Even old gemstones can be synthetic!  So it is a very good idea to know whether those stones in your piece of jewellery are real or not.