advise can save you thousands

My work is through word of mouth so I am particular about blending your lifestyle and dreams to create exactly the ideas you had in mind.   Through my study of gemmology I am able to give advice on gemstones with the best cut and clarity. I am also able to suggest and select stones to suit your individual taste and budget. If you consider Opal to be your choice we have a wide range of loose stones available.

You may have a gemstone that you have inherited or kept for years that you would now like to have made up and I can help you design something to suit. I will also assess as to whether they are synthetic or natural. It’s good to know whether they are real or not!

There is a recognized scale of hardness in gemstones and Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies and Aquamarines are high on that list. They stand up to everyday wear and tear. Emeralds are also hard but are considered delicate as they fracture more easily
as do Opals.

If you need expert advice please contact me. It could save you thousands.

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    it all starts with an enquiry

    Your Enquiry

    My first contact with a client is from a phone call or email where we establish what is wanted and then arrange an appointment. Sometimes I am sent a photo with a ‘Can you make this for me?’


    At this time I study the client’s style and jewellery which gives me clues as to what they would like. I usually spend an hour or more with them nutting out the design, drawing rough sketches, checking the measurements such as width of band, type of setting, gemstones required, finger size, 9 or 18ct gold, etc, etc


    The gold and gemstones (if required) are sourced. The metal is prepared on the Rolling Mill to the proportions needed for the band and the setting. The band and settings are bent into shape and soldered then tapped into perfect shapes on a mandrill. Then these are filed and fitted together very neatly and soldered again. Once the ring is together it is polished to a high sheen and the white gold rhodium plated.

    3. I make a detailed sketch so we are both clear about the design of the ring and how it will look on the finger. Any adjustment can then be made. A Quote is also submitted for the job. Once this is all accepted the creation can begin.

    With the ring made to the correct finger size the fitting will be just right. Clients are delighted and surprised with the result. From the drawing to the finished article is a big change.

    Past Cutomers testimonials

    We took our request to make a new setting for our sapphires to you because we knew of your skills and artistry as a jeweller. We were absolutely delighted with the final product, and feel you have created an heirloom quality item of jewellery and a thrill for us to own. The price was right and we would at any time recommend Juliana Jewellery to anyone wanting something special in creative jewellery.
    Andy and Liz
    Word of mouth is what brought me to Julie, and the chain will continue. Julie took all the time it required to understand what I was looking for, contacted me frequently to clarify any details and delivered just what I envisaged, all in a friendly and collaborative style. I will return and I will recommend Julie to anyone looking for personal service, great workmanship at an affordable price.
    I was so pleased that you captured my ideas for an ‘art deco’ style ring and created such a beautiful piece, which was no doubt a challenge with my request to combine several beloved family pieces. I was thrilled with the price, right within my budget. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family.

    Ready to start creating?

    Know that you and your new creation are in the very best hands possible. Julie has been commissioned by people all over the world and will deliver the perfect piece to you and your family that will last decades.