Re-cycling and Re-modelling

One of the most pleasing aspects of my work is re-cycling old jewellery that is not worn and has been sitting in the bottom drawer for years. It is possible to do this with all the noble metals, ie Sterling Silver, 9ct and 18ct whether white or yellow or rose gold. I first assess the jewellery and advise whether it is worth keeping by value or age. Then I group the metals in their respective carats and smelt them down to the raw metal. Then some work must be done to prepare the metal by putting it through a rolling mill to compress it to a better size. I might flatten some of it for a shank or draw it through a plate to make wire as there are various shapes needed for any item of jewellery. Then the metal is ready to create a new and exciting modern or classical item that you would like to wear.

As I am working with jewellery all the time I have lots of ideas that can help you make decisions on the style you might like. I also have many catalogues to browse through to help you consolidate any ideas you have.

Sometimes you are given items through the family that you already have such as a single diamond pendant. There’s no point in having two so we can discuss a better option for that item.

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