Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring

When our Son asked me to find a pink stone for an Engagement Ring I was more than delighted. It’s not often you have the chance to make a ring for such a special family occasion. I found a PINK SAPPHIRE which is rather unusual which was very well cut and bright.  Sapphires are usually blue, yellow, green or parti-coloured.  An engagement ring is best made from a stone that is durable so this was a great choice.

What emerged after much long-distance consultation was to have two diamonds on either side in a rub-over setting so the stones were well protected. The shank is thick and rounded on the top and the stones set down and the shank narrowed at the back to make it easily wearable. Once the setting is made it takes patience to file the shank at a perfect angle so that the setting fits snuggly into it. The other problem I had was not knowing the ring size so this was a guess that had to be rectified later.

It was a surprise and so well received that a fitted wedding ring was created for that special day and later set with 9 diamonds to give it much sparkle across the top.

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