BlueTopaz Engagement Ring

A  friend who was to be married wanted a pale blue coloured Topaz . When I began searching for a stone they were all irradiated and all the same bright blue. She decided she liked an emerald-cut stone. This is a rectangular stone that has each corner truncated to prevent chipping.  I searched for a natural stone and found one that came from Madagascar and had it cut to suit. Pale blue gemstones lend themselves to a White Gold setting rather than Yellow Gold.  Kathy also wanted the band to be 2 tone, White Gold with rims of Yellow Gold. The setting was made in a rub-over style with tapered sides that sat neatly on the band.

The couple gave me some old 18ct rings which I was able to smelt down and re-cycle the metal. This offset the cost of this ring and their wedding rings which came a little later.

Topaz: 10 x 7mm Emerald-cut

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