Aquamarine Necklace

This pendant exemplifies Repouss√© work. Crafted from 18ct gold, it showcases rippled detailing from the back, skillfully hammered on the front to evoke an Egyptian aesthetic. A serene light blue Aquamarine, measuring 10 x 8mm, graces the bottom, complemented by three strands of Topaz beads, each 3mm in size, perfectly matched in color to the gemstone. These strands are elegantly secured by discreet loops at the pendant’s rear on both sides. Delicate craftsmanship is evident in the necklace’s construction, where four small drilled gold bars are threaded to hold the strands in place. The piece perfectly completed with a handmade clasp, completing its allure with finesse.

Aquamarine, with its calming blue hues, is prized for its clarity and purity. This gemstone is renowned for its ability to soothe the mind and cleanse the spirit, promoting inner peace and emotional balance. Its tranquil energy fosters clear communication and harmonious relationships, making it a valuable ally in both personal and professional endeavors. Aquamarine’s straightforward nature and calming influence make it a sought-after gem for those seeking clarity and serenity in their lives.

Topaz, a gem of celestial beauty and mystique, exudes an enchanting energy that resonates with the deepest realms of the soul. As a stone of clarity and illumination, Topaz is believed to serve as a conduit for divine inspiration, unlocking the gates to higher consciousness and inner wisdom. Topaz is revered for its ability to dispel negative energies and instill a profound sense of peace and tranquility. It is said to act as a guiding light on life’s journey, leading one towards their true purpose with unwavering clarity and direction.

The notion that this necklace is handmade further enhances the emotional impact of receiving such a ring. Beyond its physical beauty, it carries the love and devotion of the creator who designed and gifted it, making it a cherished heirloom for generations to come.

Aquamarine: 10 x8mm

Topaz beads: 3mm

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