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Oval Cuff Links

A pair of oval two-tone Cuff-Links combines Sterling Silver with touches of 18ct Yellow Gold in the slight dome in the centre and twisted wire that is placed off-centre around it.   These are all handmade with a hinged back plate....
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Engagement & Wedding Rings

The Engagement Ring has already been featured in the Folio.  Here it is photographed with the Wedding Ring in 18ct Gold.  Fitting a Wedding Ring takes time and patience but is worth the effort to get that perfect fit as is shown here.  The Wedding Ring was later set with 5 Diamonds....
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Seahorse Pendant

An 18ct Gold handcrafted pendant 50mm in length domed and engraved to represent the body and features of this unique and fascinating sea creature.  10 brilliant cut Diamonds decorate the belly, 10 Tsavorite green Garnets are set along the spine with a Ruby for the eye created a special gift....
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Peridot Ring

I was asked to source a good sized Peridot for a male client to set in a ring to be worn on a daily basis.  A rub-over setting is best for this centred on a sleeve of 18ct Gold overlaying a wide tapered Sterling Silver shank.  There is detailed cut-out work on the side as...
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Dorje Pendant

This interesting but simple design was created for a client in 18ct White Gold and represents a Tibetan Dorje, a tool that is used to attract a bolt of enlightenment.  It is 50mm long comprising two open cages each with 8 curved arms separated by a ball.  To follow through the design the split bail...
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Sri Lankan Sapphire Pendant

This Sapphire is around 5 carats and was purchased in Sri Lanka by friends of my client then put aside for a decade before it was decided to have it made into a pendant.  The stone is clear, bright and well-cut.  18ct White Gold was preferred and a multi-clawed setting created to show off the stone....
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Triangular Opal Doublet

A male client gave me a triangular opal doublet and asked me to make a 9ct Gold pendant for him. He asked that the stripe of colour  be along the bottom.  This was fun to make as it is a simple setting with an open back.  And here is the result.  The triangle is not...
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White Gold Plating

I was lucky enough to visit Namibia north of South Africa on the west coast recently.  There were a couple of really good jewellery shops that drew my attention of course.  I found it interesting in one shop that the White Gold was not Rhodium plated which is the treatment used extensively to give it...
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22ct Wedding Rings

I'm working on a pair of 22ct Gold rings for a couple who are to be married in November.   This Gold is lovely to work with as it is more pliable and  richer in colour than 18 ct Gold and leaves 9ct Gold way behind.  The design has a cross-over at the front needing...
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How to care for your jewellery

Jewellery wears with age so it is a very good idea to check them yourself on a regular basis. For example, if you wear a ring every day then with a knock the claws can be moved out of place and the stone not held securely. If a gemstone is scratched it can be repolished....
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