Julie DayJulie is the head designer for ‘JULIANA JEWELLERY’ and her individual pieces have been purchased by people all over the world. With over 20 years of experience in creating jewellery her trusted clients have enjoyed peace of mind that brings them back on a regular basis. Julie creates all items in her workshop with care and precision designing beautiful and elegant jewellery that is unique, exciting and exclusive.

Julie holds a Diploma in Gemmology, an invaluable specialized skill in detecting natural from synthetic stones. She knows the characteristics of each gemstone and is able to select the right type for the client’s purpose. She has the knowledge and experience to choose a well cut gemstone with good clarity and proportions for her clients.

She learnt her trade through The Goldsmith School, a private institution run by two qualified jewellers who share their excellent technical skills and artistic flair supporting their students with generosity of spirit.

When a client approaches her she spends time talking about their ideas and their budget, their lifestyle and needs before a design is sketched.  With clients whom she can’t meet this is done via a phone call then a technical drawing is drawn and sent so both parties are in agreement with the design.

In creating a piece of jewellery she starts with the raw metal drawing it out or rolling it to the required thickness before starting the process. The metal commonly used is 18ct White or Yellow or Rose Gold or sometimes a combination of these colours.  This is a malleable metal, that is, it can be bent and shaped to size. It is 75% pure Gold which is 24 ct. The stamp on jewellery made with this metal is 18ct or 750.