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Colour-Change Sapphire Ring

Here is the ring that was created with that beautiful stone that is purple in artificial light and a lovely mid blue in natural light.  It was a surprise birthday gift for last Sunday to match an existing Diamond ring.  I've heard that she loved it!!...
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Colour-change Sapphire

It's not often you are given a fascinating gemstone and this one was certainly that.  It was purchased in Vietnam whilst my client was working there for some years.  In natural light it is a lovely clear blue whilst in artificial light it is quite purple.  Two stones in one you could say.  It is...
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How are White and Rose Gold created?

Pure (fine) gold is 24 ct in weight. There are also 22ct, 18ct 14ct and 9ct golds. 22ct is mostly seen in India, Asia and the Middle East and is very yellow in colour.14ct Rose Gold was common in antique jewellery that was made over 100 years ago.White Gold is created by adding Nickel, Copper and...
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